Once you've created your free account, birch will ask you a series of questions to understand your preferences and interests. Birch then automatically starts looking for suitable matches for you 🤖

If a match has been found, you should see results within a few seconds. To ensure you get matches we provide two types of matches for you to consider:

  • External jobs: These are jobs we have identified as suitable matches, but are posted on our partner's job board, Indeed.ie. 
  • ⭐️Birch jobs: These are jobs that companies have posted through birch, allowing you to apply with one click using your profile.

However, the number of matches we can possibly make are based on the availability of jobs at any given time and is out of our control. For example, companies who are known to recruit graduates and interns will typically do so during certain periods of the year.

Getting your free account setup and profile completed well ahead of time is key to ensuring you will be included in matches as new jobs become available.

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